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Safety Program – Build In-house or Buy

If your company has decided to implement, revise, or update a safety system, you are frequently faced with whether it should be created in-house, or by a third party safety consulting company. With this decision a business owners need to look at its organizational and decide if building an in-house system would be better than what’s available in the market.

Building a complete and effective health and safety program for your company can be a complex process. Some key things your company should evaluate when to build vs. buy are; time, price, long-run support, and trial and error.  We look at these a little more in depth below:

  • Time, Price and Resources – What is the timeline that you need a safety program completed in for your company. Building a health and safety program from scratch is a time-consuming You need to ask yourself if you have the manpower and knowledge within the organization to complete a full health and safety program within the allotted time.
  • Will an in-house program grow with your organization and support you in the long run? When an organization grows, it’s important that the safety system grows with it. Even though the program might work well for you today, will it fit your business after future growth? If your company is moving from a SECOR to a COR or switching certifying partners, does your company understand how to make this transition smoothly.
  • Trial and Error – When creating your health and safety program it may be hard to define what works compared to what works well. This trial and error period could take months of trying different techniques to find what fits your company, which in turn means more money out of your pocket. An in-house system may not adhere to legislative requirements and can quickly become a burdensome task. By analyzing your company’s needs, a third party vendor will be able to provide you with a program that’s built solely around your needs and wants. If you are not confident in performing safety analysis on tasks, hazards and controls it if often best to consult with a third party safety consulting company.

If your company does not have the adequate support or knowledge to bring an effective health and safety program to life, On-Track Safety Solutions can help you from start to finish with this problem. Call our office at 800-440-6650 or email at info@on-tracksafety.com for more information on safety program development and safety program implementation.

2015 ACSA COR Audit Changes

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Effective January 1, 2015 a new standard for the COR training requirements will come into effect. Changes to the training requirements and audit requirements are coming into place. Companies in the COR program will still be required to have the training held by a full-time employee of the company. BUT, a certified auditor will no longer be required for a company if the company wishes to opt out of the peer process.  The auditor on staff for the company will no longer be required to do yearly audits to maintain their status.

This means that any employee taking the auditor training for the company will need to take the three day Auditor Training Program course, BUT will no longer be required to complete a qualification audit or complete yearly maintenance audits. So now all of your audit requirements can be completed by On-Track Safety, and do not have to be done internally to retain COR certification.  Call the On-Track Safety Office at 403-986-3811 for more information on this new 2015 ACSA COR audit process.

Take a look at ACSA’s Winter 2014 Advisor Magazine for more information – http://www.acsa-safety.org/advisor.php

Field and In-House Safety Advisors

On-Track Safety Solutions provides on-site field safety advisors and coordinators for shutdowns, turnarounds, industrial construction, on-going projects and the management of internal safety programs. On-Track Safety has a dedicated team of highly trained safety advisors to manage safety on your project or to supplement your team when additional safety support is needed. We have the experience, manpower, technology and resources readily available to effectively provide site safety coordination. On-Track Safety operates under stringent codes of practices and provides the leadership that is needed on and off the site.

  • Construction
  • Field Operations
  • Drilling
  • Oil & Gas Facilities
  • Shutdowns
  • Turnarounds

Our highly trained staff at On-Track Safety can provide a wide range of skills and project safety coordination anywhere in Canada. On-Track Safety also has current and valid liability insurance and WCB qualification that can be provided as part of the bid package if required. We are also members of the contractor management systems Isnetworld and Canqual.

A Word From The Owner

At On-Track Safety Solutions Ltd. we are committed to a safe and healthy workplace for everyone – our employees, customers, and subcontractors. Our success is directly related to our dedication to safety and quality.

We continually train our workforce to ensure safe and successful projects. We take pride in the fact that our zero injury goal continues to be met, providing our customers with confidence in our safety and services.

Diana Rude
On-Track Safety Solutions Ltd.

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