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There will be several changes in 2018 to the OHS system to make several improvements with the goal of creating a better system that protects workers and ensures that they are enjoying the same rights as all other Canadians. Most of the changes will come into effect June 1, 2018, and information can be found on the alberta.ca website.  Below… Read More

Several changes have happened in Alberta in the past two years, and another change to safety is coming in what is being called a major overhaul of the current WCB program. 

Have you heard of Energy Safety Canada? If not you are not alone!  On October 18, 2017, a merger of Enform Canada and Oil Sands Safety Association created the new Energy Safety Canada with a goal of bringing the best associations to accelerate improvements in safe work performance. “A key objective of Energy Safety Canada is to facilitate the collaboration… Read More

As of May 4, 2017, ACSA has decided to opt out of the pilot program for its members that held COR.  This process used to allow companies to OPT out of maintaining COR status by having a safety auditor on staff. The article below was taken off of the ACSA website. Are you aware of your COR Auditor Requirements? May… Read More

This change means no more wasted time trying to keep an in-house auditors certification valid, and On-Track Safety can complete both your internal and external safety audits. Give us a call today to find out more information.

If your company has decided to implement, revise, or update a safety system, you are frequently faced with whether it should be created in-house, or by a third party safety consulting company. With this decision a business owners need to look at its organizational and decide if building an in-house system would be better than what’s available in the market…. Read More

There are two levels of hazard assessment: Formal hazard assessment Field-level hazard assessment Formal Hazard Assessment are the foundation of safety program and involve: identification of all jobs and tasks performed by employees, assessment of each task for hazards, prioritization of the hazards based on the level of risk, implementation of controls for the identified hazards   Steps for Conducting… Read More

On March 4th, 2015 ACSA posted an update on their website for all associate members in regards to renewals on their account.  The statement posted by ACSA is as follows: To further assist our members and clients, ACSA has changed its process for Associate Membership renewals. ACSA will no longer be sending out renewal reminders including invoices to renew Associate… Read More

Enform has launched a new protocol for SECOR submissions this year. Changes include new supporting forms with the submission; a requirement for written notes by the Assessor for the audit questions; the ability to upload/submit the SECOR online to Enform for review; and the necessity to complete the audit by electronic means. For more information regarding these changes, please contact… Read More

Members of Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development’s farm safety team have been working with the Canadian Agricultural Safety Association (CASA) to develop the Alberta FarmSafe Plan. The plan is a resource to help farmers develop health and safety systems specific to their individual operations. The idea behind this program, and what makes it different from other health and safety planning… Read More

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At On-Track Safety Solutions Ltd. we are committed to a safe and healthy workplace for everyone – our employees, customers, and subcontractors. Our success is directly related to our dedication to safety and quality.

We continually train our workforce to ensure safe and successful projects. We take pride in the fact that our zero injury goal continues to be met, providing our customers with confidence in our safety and services.

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